January 19, 2017

Effect/Impact of the Project

Women and children

The  women and children will also be benefited by this  project. One of the core objective of the project is to include women as beneficiaries. Women’s  access  to formal organization, training and credit will get priority. Their access to training and credit will enhance their socio-economic status at family and society level  which in turn will benefit their children and families, as a whole.

(ii) Employment, poverty alleviation, etc.

Generating self & wage employment, predictability income opportunities and safety ness for the targeted farmers/  beneficiaries is the priority agenda  of the project. They will be built in a way that would make them gradually able to manage by themselves both socially and financially .The project  can therefore be considered  as an effort towards generating   employment and reducing property in the project area.

(iii)  Institutional, productivity

The project would have positive impact on developing institution and increasing product ability. The rural men and women will be organized informal groups which will have direct positive impact on rural institution building and will be managed by themselves with the assistance from BRDB functionaries. Besides the beneficiaries have been organized under informal groups will be able to contribute to generating additional productivity both in on farm & off farm sectors with support from the project.

(iv) Regional disparity.

This is a production friendly project through increased minor crops production the project will help bringing qualitative  change in the live style of the beneficiaries laying at different area of the country.  The project outputs are so consistent with the efforts of minimizing regional disparity.